The Oranges

I know I’ve been carrying last on here but you guys need to visit from a PC and see what google is doing on there #MovingOn

Very few of you already know this story am about to share but majority of you don’t. For those who don’t, please be calm, don’t just spring into action after reading it but take time to think about how well you can personalise messages to make them yours, and for those who already know, how has it contributed to the improvement in the way you work??

This is a powerpoint presentation from my mail box, Enjoy!!!

Thoughts on how to be better in our jobs and life!!!

John has been working in a company for two years. He is serious, hard-working, responsible and punctual. He is proud because in two years he has received no warnings and reprimands.

One day, he looked for the manager to make him a complaint:

“Sir, I’ve been working in this company for two years. I like my job and work hard, but I feel I am not valued. Look, Rob started in a position like mine just 6 months ago and he has been promoted to supervisor.”

Uhmmmmmmmmm…. The manager thought and said:

“I would like your help in solving a problem. I would like to give some fruit to the employees at lunch today. In the market, which is on the corner they sell fruit. Please, can you ask if they have oranges?”

John tried his best to do this task job and 5 minutes later he returned…..

Manager: O.K John, what did you ask?
John: Sir, they have oranges to sell.
Manager: And how much were they?
John: Ahhhh….! I didn’t ask
Manager: O.k, but did you see if they have oranges for everyone?
John: I didn’t ask it Sir
Manager: Is there another fruit we can use instead of oranges?
John: I don’t know Sir, but I think…
Manager: O.K, please sit down for a moment.

The manager took the phone and called Rob.

When Rob was in front of them, the manager gave him the same instruction as he gave to John and 10 minutes later, Rob came back.

Manager: O.K, Rob, what news do you have for me?

Rob: Sir, they have oranges, enough for everyone, but if you prefer they also have banana, papaya, melon and mango. The price of the oranges is UGX 14.000/ kg. The banana is UGX 5.000 per bunch, mango is UGX 7.000/kg, papaya and melon UGX 3.000/kg. They told me if we buy 25% more they will give us 8% discount. I reserved the oranges but if you prefer another fruit, I have to go back to confirm the reservation.

Manager: Thank you Rob! But wait a moment please…..

Manager: John, what were you talking to me about?
John: Nothing Sir, excuse me.

It is important we do our jobs with our best effort, even for the simplest activity; otherwise nobody will give us the most important jobs.

Every time that we use information correctly, we have the opportunity to personalise it

If you think that this moral can be useful to your brothers, sisters, cousins, family, colleagues, share it with them,… be like Rob, not like John.

Don’t leave that MORAL just in the workshop.


10:15 – Mafaba’s Day

This post will be open to all for some hours before its password protected and the good thing about it is that the password will be today’s date (mm/day) i.e october15


Its 10:15
The dawn of a new year in my life
The beginning of greater things
Like play, like play,

Mo ti di extra-large

Large enough to be the father of all nations

I have always lived in order to see this day
I have been the jack of all trade yet master of one

I think I have found solace in reading

It keeps my heart in its youthful form

And makes me worry less even in the mist of obstacles

I really don’t have a mind
I really don’t have a life I live
I really don’t have a say
All I know I’ve got is action
The will to do as directed
The courage to deliver a message as sent
The boldness to help others face and conquer their Goliath
The strength to keep smiling even when tears keep dropping
The confidence to help others build up courage

And the desire to carry on

Plus a Twitter account

*now singing in Dare’s voice*

I am not the saint that you used to know
Am a shadow of myself
I turned a new leaf long ago
Like a dog that will be lost
Will never hear the whistle of the hunter
And I know that some day
Will be you
Scolding me
For good

The post up there is in two parts, you’re left to decide which to believe and which not to but for taking out time to read my post once again, check out this link and tell me who u see

HaPpY Birthday to me, Put a smile on your face, make someone happy and let’s celebrate Mafaba’s day together.

The Inevitable End

The street is military, you gotta be a soldier!!!

This post/ poem is dedicated to all the cowards out there. Those who are faced with important decisions of life, those at the cross roads and those who live in fear of losing the battle of living, either in love, success, excellence or achievements.
Its time to stop surviving, let’s live before death comes calling.

Death is an inevitable end
A price every living thing must pay
It is one of the most frequently used words of the english language
It answers where it is not called
Visit places where it is not needed
It knowns no king nor servant
Spares no magician nor millionaire
It respects no status
It is the only fair judge here on earth.

We play hard and work harder
We all want to make more money than we spend
We want to be rich
Then we want to be wealthy
We also want to be seen as a man/woman of influence
We want to write our names in the sky
Leave our footprints on the sands of time
While we pray our face will one day make it into the Forbes magazine

Have you ever sit to think about your own death?
If you do, how do you feel?
Do you feel pleased that you will be made
Or do u feel like its all a waste?
All you’ve worked and laboured for
But if you think of your death by now
Will you ever love to work?
Cos when death comes calling
Noting else dies with you aside your ego
Yet, we’ve got no choice
Cos death, is an inevitable end


Here is a thought provoking piece I read, though our believes and views may be different but there’s no other nice way to tell a man to let go off his fears than the words of a man (Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011), who was privileged to plan for his death.

He Said,
“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart… Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”


Now the choice is yours, to either live or survive. I have chosen to live, I don’t know about you.


Higher Men

Hey guys, am back again but this time, am here with just another guest writer, someone whose write-ups will always leave you wondering, someone who loves challenging the norm but on this one…. *sighs*….. His name is Leon, you can follow him on twitter @leonmacedon, u can also visit his blog by clicking this link Leon’s Blog. Remeber, your comments, views, suggestions and criticisms are highly welcome, please make use of the comment box below, thanks.


Men are more equal than women

“All humans are equal, man and woman alike. But men are more equal­­.”

I try to do right, but it’s hard not doing me.

I try to do better than the society expects, but I realize I’m fighting a fast losing battle. I can only stay monogamous for so long.

My friends aren’t, Father isn’t and Grandpa wasn’t. I’m trying not to notice other delights; my control is tethering away. The urge to take a dip from the cookie jar is becoming unbearable. I’m going to cheat on her soon.

“You men are all the ‘same’, you never stay in one place. Once you get what you are looking for, it’s on to the next one”, these are the words she tried using to resist my advances.

My conscience is pricking at me; I’ve been trying hard for so long to be faithful. I’m not going to be able to stop myself from derailing the next time temptation knocks. I remember a conversation we once had, back then when we could stay up all night, listening to each other.

“I wish the world was different, that all human are truly equal. Men and women would be treated to the same standard, and a girl wouldn’t have to be sitting around waiting for the next boy, to come break her heart”

I now understand clearly, what she was feeling, talking about that night. Being my normal self conceited self, I took it back then as another way I was paying for her ex mistakes.  I guess the next guy will have to pay for mine.

Breaking up with her is going to be a tricky business. But it’s something I need to do (before I eventually slip). I’ve got no desire to double up on her, she deserves better than that (even better than me). Telling her the real reason why is only going to confirm what she has been saying all along, instead, I’m going to do it over some lame-ass reason.

“All humans are equal, man and woman alike, it’s the basis on which all constitutions are written. It’s the greatest phrase of continuing importance to any society”, I had told her.

Pathetic lie, this has turned out to be. I’m going to move on to another girl, and maybe not be so faithful to her. Then I’m going to move on to another, then another, then another…. Until I finally settle down. Nuptial vows aren’t gonna guarantee that I’d stop dibbling around.

She’s going to sit quietly -as society expects of her, waiting and screening until she finds the ‘next’ one, who shows the potential to be that ‘special one’ (we are all hoping to find someday). He might turn out to be better, or another ‘loser’ like I am.

“The society has no place for a woman who approaches sex the way a man does. If a girl sleeps with A, then B, and then C,  just to satisfy her sexual urges, she’s going to be call a slut and stigmatized by society” – she had also said.

So #GoFigure, she’s going to try curtailing her basial urges during the wait and may end up with another ‘loser’, just to satisfy them. That’s why she settled for me. Let’s hope she doesn’t settle for her husband also.


There you go, one more unsolved mystery in our world today.

As also with the owner of this blog, I like to sample. My ideas are formed from a word, line(s) or idea from other people stories and songs. Miss shar-rone’s aim was met, her write-up got me thinking.

Thanks Mafaba, for having me out here.

A Letter To Nigeria

Dear Nigeria,

How are you and how are your kids? I guess I need not ask after those ‘watching’ over you ‘cos am sure they will be doing great in their ‘bank accounts’ both home and abroad.

I know you’ve gotten and will still get so many letters from the ‘who is who’ both in and outside the country wishing you happy independence but I hope and wish this little letter of one of your troubled kids get to you.

Today is a day of celebration so I’m not here to remind us of the bad times but after 51 years of chasing the colonial masters out of your life, ARE WE THERE YET???

Mother, in this trying times, we still have smiles on our faces and we still see a need to celebrate you, little wonder why we were tagged the happiest people on earth. I just hope and pray that the bomb of Boko Haram will never get to ‘us’ but we all know that the occupants of a house who’s roof is on fire should never leave the fire fighters to battle with the fire while they are busy having dinner inside that same house.

Some few months ago, your custodian said after a bomb blast that ‘He’ himself is not safe, that if they can blow up the Police headquarters, then who/where can’t they blow up? I wonder what might have been the faith of the United States if Bush had said this back then after the happenings of 9/11 but #IsThatWhyWeAreHere?

51 years down the lane after chasing the white men out and taking custody of your life, we are still chasing their tail begging to enter their country and doing all sorts of things just to get there. I actually thought we chased them out of your life so that we can be ‘independent’ and have full control over ours but educationally, economically, medically, to name just a few, we depend on them. Now, is that what they call Independence??

Libya after 60years of independence saw a need for ‘re-independence’ and they went on a revolution. Nigeria is just 51 but I think we are moving faster and getting closer to a ‘revolution’ than Libya did. The question now is not if after the revolution, I will get to see the Nigeria of my dreams but if the revolution will ever bring forth a ‘New Nigeria’ rather than splitting us into different independent nations based on our ethnic divide or tribal differences.

All said, I will like to leave you with a quote from a friend of mine; an economist, who updated his facebook status and wrote “51years ago today we got rid of the British and tried to rule ourselves, while we’re not where we dreamt of, this painful stage must be passed, this bad state must be faced this shameful cup must be drunk to its full, so when the good times come, we remember our history was not a fairy tale but one with blood, sweat and tears – Happy Independence day Nigeria” (Wale Okunrinboye, 2011).

Your Son
Mafaba Alaso


Hi guys, I know I have been carrying last on this blog, but…..oh! well…. *adjusts LASTma trouser*. I know I owe you guys an explanation but #IsThatWhyWeAreHere? Nope!!! #MovingOn

As a common practise, everybody now features guest articles/writers on their blog *wears LASTma jacket* She’s new and she’s hot, below lies her post which was actually written under ‘pressure pump‘ and ‘high tension wire‘ *dodges slap* please help me welcome to this blog, Sharon! you can follow her on twitter @shaR_Rone and please remember to make use of the comment box as your opinion about the post is much appreciated, thanks.


Am sure when you saw ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, you must have thought it’s an article for ‘CSI’ (Crime Scene Investigation). I seriously don’t know why I chose this title, it just popped into my head, and I decided to go with it. So just stick around a little, you might find sum’n that’d interest you, but don’t worry, am not a bore lol.

When Mafaba asked me to be a guest writer on his blog, first thing that came to my mind was “WOW”, I felt honored, cos Mafaba is one of those dudes I look up to and respect a lot, the only thing that worried was how I was gonna think up topics, but that problem has been solved for now, cos I got ideas dancing in my head like a stripper dancing to a lonely drunk dude.

Ever wonder why it’s okay for a girl to call another girl ‘Baby’ ‘Sweetie’ ‘My love’, but eyebrows shoot up when a boy calls another boy ‘Baby’, it sounds odd right? Even to me, that’s one of the ‘unsolved mysteries’.

Another unsolved mystery is why Donjazzy uses a Staff (walking stick). If I’d ask this on twitter, am sure some people would ask me to ‘gaan’ ask Google, some say he can’t walk without the Stick i.e. he had an accident a while back and he limps without the stick, Others say Its his Symbol of authority, while some say Its just a fashion statement, I really don’t know which to go with, but am sure its one of the three.

BankyW makes the mystery list too, and I think we can all agree when I say Banky’s only mystery are his fashionable hats, which makes me believe what people say about his big head, I don’t mean this in a ‘mocky’ way, I saw Banky once without his hat, and he was still cute, his head isn’t THAT big. Some others argue he just loves wearing them, whatever the reason may be, Banky has never come forward to say why he loves wearing the hats so much, which makes it another unsolved mystery.

This particular one is really funny, how come whenever you drop your food, it always lands face down? Can’t it land on its butt and save you the trouble of having to pack up the mess? Or if that was the last food in the house save you the trouble of having to go through the stress of making another?

This other mystery is also about food, How come whenever you’re home, bored and hungry, you keep going back to check if there is food in the fridge, even though you’ve checked like 5 times before, and you KNOW there’s no food there lol.

Don’t you all think it’s a mystery for our long lived and played ‘X and O’ game to turn ‘Caro’ over night? *burst into tears*

This last one doesn’t really count as an unsolved mystery, but I just feel the need to add it, Ever wondered why its okay when THE PARENTS break something around the house, or spoils an Electronic, but when THE CHILD does all hell breaks loose.

I hope this article got you thinking because that’s what I had in mind, I don’t have ALL the answers, nobody does, that’s why I called them unsolved mysteries…I pray Mafaba allows me to write another post after this lol

Why Boys Will Always Be Boys

I write more often than I post and I read more than I write so I tend to get most of my topics from the ‘hidden’ words in other peoples writings and this post you’re about to read is one of such. This is not in anyway a reply to the post but oh! Well…. It has had its own fair share of the draft experience so EnJoY!!!

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

This wasn’t the story I had in mind but after reading the post ‘Her Story‘ on Kemmiiii’s blog, my mind changed, I felt the need to address the saying ‘Boys will always be Boys‘ when it comes to relationships.

Though, I felt pain for the ‘Adeleye’ tattooed gurl, I felt more pain in my heart when I read the phrase ‘Boys will always be Boys’, maybe cos that’s the part ‘I got mentioned’ or can it be that gurls will never be gurls??? *now asking Google*

I am not here to tell you the story of how the poor mans wife suddenly became the wife of the rich man or how a gurl dumped her boyfriend for his best friend cos he’s richer and commands more resources, neither am I here to tell you how a gurl used black magic on a guy so that he will love her *changes channel from African Magic to Discovery Channel*. All am about is that, the reason ‘Boys will always be Boys‘, is the fact that ‘Girls haven’t and will never stop being Girls‘.

I guess boys always feel too ‘big’ or should I say they ‘act a fool’ when they are heartbroken or how will I ever want my friends to see me sob over a gurl that has dumped my ass when there are millions of gurls out there? I guess being able to laugh when a gurl say its over and moving on with another gurl are part of the qualities of a ‘big boy’ so why will I not want to be called one? *pops bottle water* :p

On the contrary, based on the kind of society we are in, a gurl moving from one boyfriend to another and another and then another…. *sighs* will be seen as an ‘ashy’ and except you are Ordinabarbie or her close associate, you will definitely not want to be termed such. So what way can a gurl escape this? Simple! By acting a fool, sobbing and claiming she has been dumped by her man even if she dumped him, she will then go ahead to tell her gurlfriends how he cheated on her even if he never did, all in a bid to paint him black and make her look like the angel in the relationship. Yeah! *changes keyboard* Gurls want to be seen as the perfect lovers with no fault *removes glasses*, they want to take all the glory of making the relationship work for a lil’ period of time, so they created and enacted the phrase ‘Boys will be Boys‘ which they have so carved in a way that once heard, a guy who knows deep inside of him and deep between his legs that he is a ‘boy’ will denial that fact only to claim that he is not a boy but a man and in fact, a responsible man *sighs* self denial at its peak, right? *now slapping self*

I hope I have not and will never fall for this emotional blackmail. Yes! The phrase, ‘Boys will always be boys‘ is an emotional blackmail, gurls want to blackmail the guys by playing with their emotions and putting the guys at the defence but as a guy, will you just sit down there trying to defend yourself all day or will you also move out of that ‘phrase‘ and make it a sentence in order to set your emotions right and your conscience free?

Look into a gurls eyes today and tell her that ‘Boys will always be boys cos Gurls will never stop being gurls‘.

NB: This is as personal as it can get so if you can’t take it as such, try drinking garri with mango or eat banana with butter. Oh! Did I even mention that its my opinion and I want it to be yours too *sips oyel*