From the Hidden Blog

No protocol was observed while sharing this post from an underrated and a semi-hidden blog.
I decided to put my ‘friendship’ on the line cos of you guys (my readers). I know its going to be a good read so please read, comment and share with your friends. Thanks!
Now to the post…..

as i sit here to write this journal i cant help  laugh and smh… this my new goal is going to be a very difficult thing

well.. i got a call from black bb ( of course you dont expect me to give you his real name) that he misses me. let me giv u a brief story about.

Black BB and i went for a professional course sometime last two years.. and we were regarded as the brainys of the class. i wont lie, that was a big surprise to me considering the fact that i know education is not one of the tings i am godd at. anyway we got talking almost when the school was  coming to an end and in a way our friendshiip grew.

one day i asked him for help on one of my projects and he said in reutrn ill give him a kiss.. i didnt mind as long as i get my work done.

the first time we kissed i knew he was stuck! yep i knew.. i am very good at reading peoples body language and it wasnt hard to know he would be needing sex soon. because of this i took pride in teasing him with the way i look.. a little flaunting of my skin(trust me my skin colour is a very unique one)

the first time we had sex was wild! in his office.. i had gone to visit him and we started making out.. it got soo tense. his kiss was like fire on my skin his hands, rough but yet perfect. it glided over my thighs without any hitches. i felt him and i loved the feeling.. he gently turned me around bent me over a little, pulled my thongs down and thrust into me!.. i dunno but everything else didnt matter. he began to move slowly and.. then increase his pace.. i cldnt stiffle the moan any longer i had to cry out in ectasy… #sighs.. it was d bomb

another one i wont forget was one cool night. i left my office and all i could tink of was his *popsicle*. when i walked in.. i didnt nid to talk i just drew him to our sex spot (one office with plenty tables ) and began to tease him i put my hand gently behind his head and massaged. spoke very gently to him and kissed him lightly all over his face.. i cld feel his breath quickning.. i wasnt in a hurry so i let the game go on and then i wrapped my finger around the popsicle and grabbed gently his grip became hard, i knew he wanted me so badly so i gently turned my back pulled down my pants and sat on it gently. he grunted and grabed me harder.. o yeahh i was running the show i began to move gently..”delilah u fucking me” was all he was saying.. and i loved it. he put his hand on my waist and tried to change the pace.. but no way. i am controling this.. i began to move slowly;arched my back to let him feel every inch of me and my wetness.. and then he began to moan loudly.. o yeah he reached the peak.. and grabbed my waste tightly. i increased my pace and….  oya stop!! bring ur mind back here and stop imagining it was u..

anyway all this happend like last 2 years. he calls me up yesterday night when i have decided to remain celibate for months *rme* when i was horny he was MIA

i dunno what to do.. sex with him is always exciting. the thot of him sucking my boobs alone is driving me mad.


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