MI, 7days, Music and Me

7days by MI

Some few days ago when MI tweeted truths about #7days, I actually thought he was talking about a part of the bible and I became anxious when I learnt that he was talking about a song he just released.

My anxiety died and I chose not to download nor listen to the song after reading his blasphemy tweet which stated that “God listened to the song 7days before creating the world in 7days”. I mean if you want some cheap hype, why involve the name of the Lord in a blasphemy way?? *in 2face’s voice* ‘nobody holy pass’ but this is just too much to do for a cheap hype but….

After almost 48hours of de-activating my twitter account, I realised that the only thing I can use to cover up for my twit-life is this blog which also might be going down soon but since it is still up, ‘I do this’!

I searched for the song 7days by MI and I downloaded it but to my utmost dismay and disappointment, the song is no better than D’Banjs worst song ‘I do this’. Lacking in lyrics and delivery.

The song, 7days by MI falls in the category of songs I will like to call “The Beat Songs’. These are songs whose beats are much more and highly valuable than the lyrics on the tracks and one distinct feature of songs of this nature is that they always sound better with every repeat play, but….

What matters most, Peoples opinion and reactions to the song, right? And where do we gather most of all these opinions? On twitter, right?

Now let’s be sincere with ourselves. We all know that majority of twitter users are ass kissers, right? Yeah! Even you. You joined in the hyping of the song just because it is coming from the self acclaimed ‘African Rapper No 1’ and because someone you rated higher than yourself hyped it. Some of you hyped the song just to get a RT (ReTweet) from MI and other twitter users even while you were yet to listen to it.

I don’t need you to agree with my opinion but I know that deep down inside you, you know that am not too far from the truth.

What you people have failed to realise is that a music promoters voice is far from an honest opinion. It is just the voice of his business and probably the voice that puts food on his table, the voice that increases the figures in his bank accounts and the voice that inserts cheddars in his pocket.

That said #MovingOn!

8 responses to “MI, 7days, Music and Me

  1. true mate… If there’s nothing on twitter there are enough ass kisser… Fewer cynics though.
    Too bad his hype didn’t meet up 2 d song…he should try harder.. I dnt want ice(fish)prince to overtake him

  2. (Y) True yarns. bruv. The song wasn’t spectacular…it was only after replaying and replaying I started enjoying it.

  3. I know I’m a sucker for anything MI does, but for the first time, I listened to the first 55secs of this track before I stopped it. I just didn’t get it, or maybe it just wasn’t what I expected sha.

    Will probably listen to it some other time, maybe it’ll grow on me.

    • I can’t belive de fact that people adore and appreciate what de have,,, Mi is good nd if he’s song turns bad, be positive nd stop gossipin….Mi keep make 9ja proud bro.. Him tell una b4 2 go nd Hug transforMmer..he’s serious with dat…suckers

      • Problem with so many Nigerians – inability to respond to a post without resorting to insults and abuses…..like I said, I’m an avid MI fan…so ur response of hugging a transformer or “suckers” is distasteful. You can do better, no?

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