Saving the Christ in Christmas

I know you do visit this blog more often than I do but as we all know, students are expected to read ahead of the class, so also I expect you all to read ahead of this blog so that once I publish a post, the comments will flow in X_X.

I also know that you all have pardoned me for going on sabbatical cos of my excuse which is no other than that same excuse you give for not reading the post or posting a comment :p

Now, Lemme introduce to you a guest writer on this blog who brought about this idea of ‘Saving the Christ in Christmas‘. She is my one and only associate, a companion and most of all, a motivator. Let’s rise on our feet as we all welcome ‘Kiki‘ to lead us into her world but before then, I will like you all to help a friend of mine who is on the hot seat answer this question…..




As a child who grew up in Nigeria, the whole essence of Christmas to me was going to church on christmas day, boxing day and the best of it New year’s eve I always enjoyed things like the carol of nine lessons, the nativity play and the story about the birth of Jesus. Well that is not the case here.

Fast forward ▬▬▬▬▶ 10 years later am in Canada. Christmas is totally not the same, rather it is Xmas; a time to exchange gifts and sit at the dinner table with family and eat the classic Christmas dinner of turkey, gravy and potatoes.

No one mentions Christ anymore in Christmas. In fact, santa claus aka father Christmas has taken over the whole reason for the season, he has brainwashed our kids that they don’t even know its Christmas, all they believe it to be is Xmas which just like the ‘Egungun festival‘ where ‘Egun are expected to be on parade, so also are ‘Father Xmas‘ expected to be on parade during Xmas.

Over here, all people ever talk about is how many gifts they got, what they got and who got it for them, or how they are going to make the turkey for Xmas. It is all about Xmas shopping, the malls are open for longer hours and people are always there. The worst of them all is boxing day, the day everybody and their entire generation goes to the mall to buy things they really don’t need all because it is on sale.

Christmas has been turned into another opportunity for retail stores to make lots of money. No one ever mentions ‘ohhh lets go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ‘. some stores are even open for 24 hrs just because it is Christmas period. Only because its a public holiday do most of them close and then 26th of December every store is filled to the brim with people buying ‘God knows what‘.

Some people are known to camp outside stores just to get in as soon as the stores open to buy things on sale, no one remembers that our saviour ‘The lord Jesus Christ’ was born on the 25th of December rather it is just another day to sit home exchange gifts and eat turkey. As Christmas draw nearer all I hear in this part of the world is ‘ohhhhhh I just finished my Christmas shopping…., am going to make the turkey in a different way…., my granddaughter wants piggy in a cup for Christmas…. and that  blah blah…. ‘ we have forgotten the Christ in Christmas.

Correct someone today, ‘Christ‘ ain’t same as ‘X‘, its ‘CHRISTmas‘ and not Xmas‘.

Merry Christmas peeps, do have lots of fun and rejoice in the birth of Christ.

NB: Your gifts are with him, if sighted, hold tight cos he’s got an hamper full of agalumo, ofio, tanfinrin, balewa, baba dudu, eko (white papa), Kunnu, Shepe and monkey tail for you all.



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