Higher Men

Hey guys, am back again but this time, am here with just another guest writer, someone whose write-ups will always leave you wondering, someone who loves challenging the norm but on this one…. *sighs*….. His name is Leon, you can follow him on twitter @leonmacedon, u can also visit his blog by clicking this link Leon’s Blog. Remeber, your comments, views, suggestions and criticisms are highly welcome, please make use of the comment box below, thanks.


Men are more equal than women

“All humans are equal, man and woman alike. But men are more equal­­.”

I try to do right, but it’s hard not doing me.

I try to do better than the society expects, but I realize I’m fighting a fast losing battle. I can only stay monogamous for so long.

My friends aren’t, Father isn’t and Grandpa wasn’t. I’m trying not to notice other delights; my control is tethering away. The urge to take a dip from the cookie jar is becoming unbearable. I’m going to cheat on her soon.

“You men are all the ‘same’, you never stay in one place. Once you get what you are looking for, it’s on to the next one”, these are the words she tried using to resist my advances.

My conscience is pricking at me; I’ve been trying hard for so long to be faithful. I’m not going to be able to stop myself from derailing the next time temptation knocks. I remember a conversation we once had, back then when we could stay up all night, listening to each other.

“I wish the world was different, that all human are truly equal. Men and women would be treated to the same standard, and a girl wouldn’t have to be sitting around waiting for the next boy, to come break her heart”

I now understand clearly, what she was feeling, talking about that night. Being my normal self conceited self, I took it back then as another way I was paying for her ex mistakes.  I guess the next guy will have to pay for mine.

Breaking up with her is going to be a tricky business. But it’s something I need to do (before I eventually slip). I’ve got no desire to double up on her, she deserves better than that (even better than me). Telling her the real reason why is only going to confirm what she has been saying all along, instead, I’m going to do it over some lame-ass reason.

“All humans are equal, man and woman alike, it’s the basis on which all constitutions are written. It’s the greatest phrase of continuing importance to any society”, I had told her.

Pathetic lie, this has turned out to be. I’m going to move on to another girl, and maybe not be so faithful to her. Then I’m going to move on to another, then another, then another…. Until I finally settle down. Nuptial vows aren’t gonna guarantee that I’d stop dibbling around.

She’s going to sit quietly -as society expects of her, waiting and screening until she finds the ‘next’ one, who shows the potential to be that ‘special one’ (we are all hoping to find someday). He might turn out to be better, or another ‘loser’ like I am.

“The society has no place for a woman who approaches sex the way a man does. If a girl sleeps with A, then B, and then C,  just to satisfy her sexual urges, she’s going to be call a slut and stigmatized by society” – she had also said.

So #GoFigure, she’s going to try curtailing her basial urges during the wait and may end up with another ‘loser’, just to satisfy them. That’s why she settled for me. Let’s hope she doesn’t settle for her husband also.


There you go, one more unsolved mystery in our world today.

As also with the owner of this blog, I like to sample. My ideas are formed from a word, line(s) or idea from other people stories and songs. Miss shar-rone’s aim was met, her write-up got me thinking.

Thanks Mafaba, for having me out here.


8 responses to “Higher Men

  1. This is something that most guys, at least those who are honest with themseleves, can relate with. At the end of the day, it is how well a man can control his urge that matters the most.

  2. Nice piece, guys will always cheat no matter how long they try to stay faithful, it runs in the blood and until a lady is ready to accept this fact,then she will stop having unneccessary heart aches. She will find her own special one someday its all a matter of time and keeping her values.

  3. Well I can relate 2d post, and I thnk the guy is been a MAN by breaking up instead of cheating on her. Though it would be nice if he could be a REAL MAN and not cheat on her.

    We are not equal and would be deceiving ourselves if we think we are!
    *sighs* its well!

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