Hi guys,

As you might have noticed, I have stopped blogging on here for some few years now.

It all started when I went in search of myself after realizing that I was lost, hence the need for the break. As faith would have it, I found my way back to blogging but unfortunately, not on this site and not the usual blogging style of mine you are used to.

I am now an Happiness Promoter and I try to inspire people through my writing, my thoughts and expression of words, situations, and the world through my view.

There is a limit to what I can type here as no single post can tell the full story but if you will like to be a part of my new blog which I hope you do, kindly join me on Please subscribe (You will be glad you did) and do share your thoughts on every posts.

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I couldn’t pass by this without sharing. I hope you all do enjoy the beautiful and true discription of our Eko. Eko for show, Eko wenjele, Eko oni Baje o!




Home of Excellence.

From the creeks of Apapa,

To the waters of Badagry.

From the struggles of the Mainland,

To the affluence of the Island.



Such a diva.

The world revolves around her,

The world is at her feet.



Where people keep up with the Joneses.

Coats are not cut according to size,

But according to the neighbour’s.



Where the patient dog gets nothing.

Where being the early bird,

Is sometimes not enough.



Where fame begets fame,

Power begets power,

Wealth begets wealth,

Prestige begets prestige.

Everyone pulling their strings.



Like a prostitute,

She spreads her legs for all and sundry.

Pay the price,

Enjoy the ride.



She entices you,

With the good things of life.

Makes you believe,

Believe you can have it all.

The reality however, is daunting.



Every man for himself.


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From the Hidden Blog

No protocol was observed while sharing this post from an underrated and a semi-hidden blog.
I decided to put my ‘friendship’ on the line cos of you guys (my readers). I know its going to be a good read so please read, comment and share with your friends. Thanks!
Now to the post…..

as i sit here to write this journal i cant help  laugh and smh… this my new goal is going to be a very difficult thing

well.. i got a call from black bb ( of course you dont expect me to give you his real name) that he misses me. let me giv u a brief story about.

Black BB and i went for a professional course sometime last two years.. and we were regarded as the brainys of the class. i wont lie, that was a big surprise to me considering the fact that i know education is not one of the tings i am godd at. anyway we got talking almost when the school was  coming to an end and in a way our friendshiip grew.

one day i asked him for help on one of my projects and he said in reutrn ill give him a kiss.. i didnt mind as long as i get my work done.

the first time we kissed i knew he was stuck! yep i knew.. i am very good at reading peoples body language and it wasnt hard to know he would be needing sex soon. because of this i took pride in teasing him with the way i look.. a little flaunting of my skin(trust me my skin colour is a very unique one)

the first time we had sex was wild! in his office.. i had gone to visit him and we started making out.. it got soo tense. his kiss was like fire on my skin his hands, rough but yet perfect. it glided over my thighs without any hitches. i felt him and i loved the feeling.. he gently turned me around bent me over a little, pulled my thongs down and thrust into me!.. i dunno but everything else didnt matter. he began to move slowly and.. then increase his pace.. i cldnt stiffle the moan any longer i had to cry out in ectasy… #sighs.. it was d bomb

another one i wont forget was one cool night. i left my office and all i could tink of was his *popsicle*. when i walked in.. i didnt nid to talk i just drew him to our sex spot (one office with plenty tables ) and began to tease him i put my hand gently behind his head and massaged. spoke very gently to him and kissed him lightly all over his face.. i cld feel his breath quickning.. i wasnt in a hurry so i let the game go on and then i wrapped my finger around the popsicle and grabbed gently his grip became hard, i knew he wanted me so badly so i gently turned my back pulled down my pants and sat on it gently. he grunted and grabed me harder.. o yeahh i was running the show i began to move gently..”delilah u fucking me” was all he was saying.. and i loved it. he put his hand on my waist and tried to change the pace.. but no way. i am controling this.. i began to move slowly;arched my back to let him feel every inch of me and my wetness.. and then he began to moan loudly.. o yeah he reached the peak.. and grabbed my waste tightly. i increased my pace and….  oya stop!! bring ur mind back here and stop imagining it was u..

anyway all this happend like last 2 years. he calls me up yesterday night when i have decided to remain celibate for months *rme* when i was horny he was MIA

i dunno what to do.. sex with him is always exciting. the thot of him sucking my boobs alone is driving me mad.


MI, 7days, Music and Me

7days by MI

Some few days ago when MI tweeted truths about #7days, I actually thought he was talking about a part of the bible and I became anxious when I learnt that he was talking about a song he just released.

My anxiety died and I chose not to download nor listen to the song after reading his blasphemy tweet which stated that “God listened to the song 7days before creating the world in 7days”. I mean if you want some cheap hype, why involve the name of the Lord in a blasphemy way?? *in 2face’s voice* ‘nobody holy pass’ but this is just too much to do for a cheap hype but….

After almost 48hours of de-activating my twitter account, I realised that the only thing I can use to cover up for my twit-life is this blog which also might be going down soon but since it is still up, ‘I do this’!

I searched for the song 7days by MI and I downloaded it but to my utmost dismay and disappointment, the song is no better than D’Banjs worst song ‘I do this’. Lacking in lyrics and delivery.

The song, 7days by MI falls in the category of songs I will like to call “The Beat Songs’. These are songs whose beats are much more and highly valuable than the lyrics on the tracks and one distinct feature of songs of this nature is that they always sound better with every repeat play, but….

What matters most, Peoples opinion and reactions to the song, right? And where do we gather most of all these opinions? On twitter, right?

Now let’s be sincere with ourselves. We all know that majority of twitter users are ass kissers, right? Yeah! Even you. You joined in the hyping of the song just because it is coming from the self acclaimed ‘African Rapper No 1’ and because someone you rated higher than yourself hyped it. Some of you hyped the song just to get a RT (ReTweet) from MI and other twitter users even while you were yet to listen to it.

I don’t need you to agree with my opinion but I know that deep down inside you, you know that am not too far from the truth.

What you people have failed to realise is that a music promoters voice is far from an honest opinion. It is just the voice of his business and probably the voice that puts food on his table, the voice that increases the figures in his bank accounts and the voice that inserts cheddars in his pocket.

That said #MovingOn!


Saying ‘Goodbye’ is one of the hardest things in life but one way or the other, either we say it or not, there are times we just have to move on leaving some things behind us.

I have always wanted to do this for more than a year now but somehow, I always find myself shying away from the reality of the fact that it was time for me to move on.

Maybe it was due to the fact that there was a point in time when I derived so much happiness and self-satisfying pleasure in doing it, or maybe how sad and lonely I will be without it.

The truth still remains that I love everybody I met on twitter and the love I have for them will continue to linger in my heart even after this day.

Being a twit-addict was one life I lived that I can never forget. I loved the rantings, the sharing of opinions, the #TeamNoSleep and the smiles that comes with the feelings that some people are waiting for me to tweet. They want to read my opinion about an occurrence, a song, any random stuff or even my so called #BreakingNews and other mischievous tweets.

Being a twit-addict was so much fun that I owned two twitter accounts in other to foil twit-jail. I was known for clogging peoples TLs and tweeting round the clock but today, after a year and some few months that I stopped active tweeting, I have de-activated both accounts.

Maybe its cos they have outgrown their usefulness or maybe it cos when I said “I am not my tweets” some few years back, I was just being a realist.

Various researchers have proven that those that ‘do well’ in most social networking sites and other messaging devices are people that are naturally introverts and judging with my case, they are absolutely right.

Saying goodbye from twitter doesn’t mean goodbye forever, it just mean “#MovingOn without twitter” and have gone to find myself.

Thank you tweeps for making it a lovely ride and Thank you twitter for a wonderful opportunity.

With Love


No excuse, No metaphors, No punch lines, but am I back? Yes!! shaR_Rone, your favourite guest artist is back at it and this time *clears throat* emmm…. DJ, ‘flay’ the ‘munsic’….. ‘move b*tch, get out the way, get out the way b*tch, get out the way…’ DJ Pause! Now, here’s shaR_Rone.

NB: Your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated, thanks!


Growing up, I didn’t get to do a lot of ‘fun’ things the other kids did, now don’t get me wrong, I did play with sand, played mummy and daddy, played police and thief, I had a good childhood, did virtually all the things children in my neighbourhood did at the time, but what I meant by ‘fun’ things then were things like going to park, jumping on bouncing castles, going to an eatery for ice-cream, swimming, and going to the beach, the list is endless but lets just stop there for now, lol.

Now am a little older and I’ve decided to do some of those things, well the ones girls my own age do now, and I hope you know which ones am referring to, cos it’d be really odd if you saw an 18 yr old girl jumping on a bouncing castle. The opportunity came sometime ago when I had to go for a little get together on the beach, I was realy excited, a week to the D-day I was all smiles, it was ALL I could talk about, my bestie got tired of me constantly asking “Omg what should I wear?!” …him being a guy and all he didn’t see it fit to be suggesting what to wear to me so our other friends wont tag him gay lol.

I wasn’t entirely at a loss for what I had to wear though, I mean it’s the beach right? Don’t people just wear shorts and fitted Tees and flip flop? I wasn’t wrong about the short and flip flop though cos that was what most people wore …well imagine my surprise when I got to the beach, and you could see some girls wearing dinner gowns and high heels, I was like “WT(((BLEEP)!))”, and I could see a girl struggling to get her heels outta the sand, It was when I bumped into some guy I realized I had been staring and laughing at the girl and I wasn’t concentrating on where I was going.

Why do some some girls do that though? …be an embarrassment to all the other girls? I mean it’s the BEACH! Apart from the fact that its extremely uncomfortable walking on heels, do you have to salt your game by wearing it to some place were the sand is outta control and it’ll definitely be realy uncomfortable to walk in the sand. No one’s complaining when you wear a 6inch heel to the club and then you cant dance on it, you later remove it and start walking barefooted in the club, which is one of the ‘stupidest’ thing anyone can do, Buh wearing heels to the beach is not only the height of stupidity but its taking it too far.

I mean if wearing heels is your way of showing the world you’re ‘classy’, then you should learn to let loose a little bit, even Tiwa savage performs on stage better when she’s barefooted and guys still think she’s hot, so why kill yourself over nothing?

Okay here’s a joke, so I told my bestie about the heels thing, and he said “They are prolly wearing the heels to the beach so they can fish with it’ hahahahaha! That’s funny, no? okay if you didn’t find that funny then your sense of humour must be realy twisted.

Saving the Christ in Christmas

I know you do visit this blog more often than I do but as we all know, students are expected to read ahead of the class, so also I expect you all to read ahead of this blog so that once I publish a post, the comments will flow in X_X.

I also know that you all have pardoned me for going on sabbatical cos of my excuse which is no other than that same excuse you give for not reading the post or posting a comment :p

Now, Lemme introduce to you a guest writer on this blog who brought about this idea of ‘Saving the Christ in Christmas‘. She is my one and only associate, a companion and most of all, a motivator. Let’s rise on our feet as we all welcome ‘Kiki‘ to lead us into her world but before then, I will like you all to help a friend of mine who is on the hot seat answer this question…..




As a child who grew up in Nigeria, the whole essence of Christmas to me was going to church on christmas day, boxing day and the best of it New year’s eve I always enjoyed things like the carol of nine lessons, the nativity play and the story about the birth of Jesus. Well that is not the case here.

Fast forward ▬▬▬▬▶ 10 years later am in Canada. Christmas is totally not the same, rather it is Xmas; a time to exchange gifts and sit at the dinner table with family and eat the classic Christmas dinner of turkey, gravy and potatoes.

No one mentions Christ anymore in Christmas. In fact, santa claus aka father Christmas has taken over the whole reason for the season, he has brainwashed our kids that they don’t even know its Christmas, all they believe it to be is Xmas which just like the ‘Egungun festival‘ where ‘Egun are expected to be on parade, so also are ‘Father Xmas‘ expected to be on parade during Xmas.

Over here, all people ever talk about is how many gifts they got, what they got and who got it for them, or how they are going to make the turkey for Xmas. It is all about Xmas shopping, the malls are open for longer hours and people are always there. The worst of them all is boxing day, the day everybody and their entire generation goes to the mall to buy things they really don’t need all because it is on sale.

Christmas has been turned into another opportunity for retail stores to make lots of money. No one ever mentions ‘ohhh lets go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ‘. some stores are even open for 24 hrs just because it is Christmas period. Only because its a public holiday do most of them close and then 26th of December every store is filled to the brim with people buying ‘God knows what‘.

Some people are known to camp outside stores just to get in as soon as the stores open to buy things on sale, no one remembers that our saviour ‘The lord Jesus Christ’ was born on the 25th of December rather it is just another day to sit home exchange gifts and eat turkey. As Christmas draw nearer all I hear in this part of the world is ‘ohhhhhh I just finished my Christmas shopping…., am going to make the turkey in a different way…., my granddaughter wants piggy in a cup for Christmas…. and that  blah blah…. ‘ we have forgotten the Christ in Christmas.

Correct someone today, ‘Christ‘ ain’t same as ‘X‘, its ‘CHRISTmas‘ and not Xmas‘.

Merry Christmas peeps, do have lots of fun and rejoice in the birth of Christ.

NB: Your gifts are with him, if sighted, hold tight cos he’s got an hamper full of agalumo, ofio, tanfinrin, balewa, baba dudu, eko (white papa), Kunnu, Shepe and monkey tail for you all.